Saabir Lockett

Director of the Faith Alliance for a Moral Economy





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Saabir Lockett is the Director of the Faith Alliance for A Moral Economy (FAME), an initiative of EBASE. He is a Mayor appointed Commissioner for the city of Oakland, a board member of Urban Equity, certified mentor for the re-entry population, and a community advocate and activist leading groundbreaking strategies to improve the conditions of underserved communities of color. He achieved his AA from Feather Rivers College, his BA from Oregon State University, and Paralegal Certification from Blackstone Career Institute. 

As the Director of FAME, he oversees the development of faith and spiritual leaders in Alameda and CoCo County. He develops dedicated spaces for faith leaders to bring a moral framework to EBASE and it’s racial, economic, and housing justice campaigns which bring hope and empowerment to communities impacted by inequity.

Saabir is a devoted Father and is formerly incarcerated. His innate passion for community empowerment is connected to an empathetic recognition – from an early age  – that some people have access to essential resources and a sense of well-being while others problematically do not. This duality is the foundation for Saabir work: celebrating and energizing communities through moral framing, while changing policy and creating resources for radical social justice, sustainable and equitable systems, and community transformation, healing, liberation,  and fulfillment of people’s humanity.