Good Jobs

Revive Oakland & the Army Base Redevelopment Project

October 26, 2017

EBASE convenes Revive Oakland, a coalition of 30 organizations which is working to win groundbreaking community benefit agreements that establish a regional standard for protecting workers and local communities in big development deals....Read More

Rights: Everyone Deserves a Good Job

August 18, 2017

EBASE is changing the expectation of work by creating an economy where everyone's contributions are valued. Our campaigns for living wages, fair scheduling, and paid sick days are raising the floor on low-wage work. And we're expanding access to good jobs by creating training opportunities and fighting discrimination....Read More

Fair Scheduling Policies in Emeryville and Beyond

October 16, 2016

Along with higher minimum wages, workers need jobs with fair schedules: reliable, predictable hours so people can budget and plan for childcare, second jobs, education, and rest. Moriah Larkins, a retail worker and member of our partner organization Alliance of...Read More