EBASE activist speaking to the press

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Mayor Libby Schaaf
1 Frank Ogawa Plaza
Oakland City Hall
Oakland, CA 94612

Dear Mayor Schaaf,

During the pandemic, it is critical to protect frontline service workers. This includes enforcing laws regarding paid sick days, hazard pay for grocery workers, and the minimum wage.

We urge the City to immediately send a mass communication to all employers doing business in the City of Oakland and all employees working in Oakland explaining Oakland’s Paid Sick Day Law, which includes:

  • Measure FF requires employers to provide Paid Sick Days to their workers so they can stay home when they are sick or need to go to the doctor or to care for others who may be sick or need care.  
  • All Oakland workers are covered under this law. All workers performing at least 2 hours of work per week within the geographic boundaries of Oakland are eligible to accrue and use paid sick time. 
  • Workers can use Paid Sick Days to take care of family members who are sick, including designating any individual for whom the worker can use sick leave to support.
  • Workers accrue 1 hour of sick time for every 30 hours worked. Workers at small businesses with 10 employees or less can accumulate up to 40 hours of sick leave at a time. Workers at all other businesses can accumulate up to 72 hours of sick leave at a time.
  • Workers may not be required to find or confirm a replacement if they need to use sick leave to care for themselves or others and employers may only take reasonable measures to confirm a worker’s eligibility for sick leave. Any requirement to document or verify sick leave that costs a worker more than $5 is not a reasonable request.  
  • Oakland’s Paid Sick Leave ordinance incorporates changes made to California law after the passage of AB 5. Therefore, app-based or “gig” workers would also qualify for coverage under the ordinance to both accrue and use sick leave. 
  • California law presumes that all workers are employees and puts the burden of proof on employers to demonstrate that people working for them are independent contractors by satisfying a three-part test (the ABC test). Therefore, all workers are by default eligible for paid sick leave unless their employer proves otherwise.

The City of Oakland should disseminate information from the CA Labor Commissioner Lilia Garcia regarding services and supports available to workers, including workers’ rights to file for CA unemployment insurance if hours are reduced due to reductions in operations or business shutdowns.

Finally, this moment highlights the importance of the City of Oakland having a dedicated Department focused on implementing and enforcing our many forward-looking and inclusive labor standards policies. This is why voters passed Measure Z in 2018 requiring the City to create a Department of Workplace and Employment Standards. We urge the City to move quickly to establish this office and proactively work to protect and support the low-wage workers who are the backbone of our economy.


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