Fair Development

Oakland United & the Coliseum-Airport Corridor

October 31, 2017

Oakland United is a coalition of residents, workers, faith leaders, youth, and unions committed to making sure new development transforms East Oakland for the better. Public land must serve public good in the Coliseum Redevelopment Project and the valuable Oakland Airport Corridor....Read More

Revive Oakland & the Army Base Redevelopment Project

October 26, 2017

EBASE convenes Revive Oakland, a coalition of 30 organizations which is working to win groundbreaking community benefit agreements that establish a regional standard for protecting workers and local communities in big development deals....Read More

Roof: Equitable Development Keeps Us in Our Homes

August 18, 2017

As development booms and housing costs skyrocket, EBASE is ensuring that large projects meet the needs of low-income workers and communities of color. Public land must serve public good, so we organize for development that preserves diversity, prevents displacement, and creates opportunity for local workers....Read More