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10/4/19 — Press Release — Tomorrow: Oakland United to Hold Community Town Hall to Demand Strong Community Benefits Agreement from Any New A’s Stadium: Read

7/26/19 ⁠— NBC Bay Area ⁠— Activists Speak Out Against ICE Deportation Flights From Oakland: Read 

7/2/19 ⁠— SFGate / Local News Matters / Bay City News ⁠— Equity Ripples: Concord Feels Weight Of Bay Area Housing Crisis: Read

6/19/19 ⁠— NBC Bay Area ⁠— Rent Control Controversy Brews in Concord: Watch below

6/7/19 ⁠— Daily Beast ⁠— NO MONEY MO’ PROBLEMS: How the American Housing and Economic Mobility Act Plans to Tackle the Housing Affordability Crisis; The comprehensive legislation could be history-in-the-making: Read

5/19/19 ⁠— East Bay Times ⁠— For the wealthy, Bay Area housing costs are actually declining; New study shows share of income spent on housing has declined for top Bay Area earners: Read

5/13/19 ⁠— Concord Clayton Pioneer (OP-ED by Raise the Roof Coalition) — Tenants and workers gather to protest high rents in May Day rally: Read

5/3/19 ⁠— East Bay Times, Rent control: Amid housing crisis, Concord tenants push hard for relief: Read

5/1/19 ⁠— Univision 14 ⁠— Residentes de Concord afectados por la crisis de vivienda exigen protección para inquilinos: Watch

5/1/19 ⁠— KPIX (CBS) 5 ⁠— Concord May Day Rally Focuses On Tenants’ Rights: Watch

4/18/19 ⁠— Medium (blog by Saabir Locket & Jahmese Myres) ⁠— Hard-hitting New Documentary Explores the Informal Economy: Read

1/29/19 ⁠— East Bay Times ⁠— Go into debt to pay rent? California startup finances your rent with high-interest loans; Some critics worry it could make tenants’ troubles worse: Read

1/23/19 ⁠— KCET ⁠— Oakland Organizers Promote Economic Justice for City’s Most Vulnerable Workers: Read

12/29/18 ⁠— East Bay Times ⁠— Rent control emerges as hot topic in Contra Costa’s biggest city: Read

11/8/18 ⁠— Oakland News Now ⁠— Oakland Joins Chicago, Seattle In Requiring Panic Buttons For Hotel Workers: Read

10/20/18 ⁠— KALW Radio ⁠— Oakland Measure Z could raise minimum wage, bring protections to hotel workers: Listen

10/25/18 ⁠— SF Chronicle ⁠— Measure Z a safe bet for offering security to hotel workers: Read

9/30/18 ⁠— SF Chronicle ⁠— So, you got an eviction notice and have a few weeks to find an apartment: Read

9/19/18 ⁠— East Bay Times ⁠— How the housing crisis segregates the Bay Area: Read

9/7/18 ⁠— KCBS Radio ⁠— Hotel Cleaners in Oakland Could Get Panic Buttons: Listen

8/24/18 ⁠— East Bay Times ⁠— Priced out: She broke baseball’s glass ceiling, but she couldn’t keep her Bay Area home: Read

7/24/18 ⁠— Model D ⁠— Equitable development across America: How other cities won community benefits: Read

7/13/18 – SF Gate – Report Details Growing Housing Crisis In Concord: Read

7/13/18 – NBC Bay Area – Majority of Concord Residents Live in Fear of Eviction: Report: Watch

7/13/18 – Telemundo – Reporte: residentes temen ser desalojados de sus viviendas en Concord: Watch

7/12/18 – Univision -Informe revela que la falta de vivienda asequible en Concord lleva a familias a vivir hasta en sus propios autos: Watch

7/12/18 – KRON4 -Survey: 75 percent of Concord residents fear eviction: Watch

7/12/18 – East Bay Times – Three-quarters of Concord residents fear eviction, new survey says: Read

7/12/18 – SJ Mercury – Three-quarters of Concord residents fear eviction, new survey says: Read

7/12/18 – KPFA – Pacifica Evening News: Listen (starts at 48:45)

11/10/17 – SJ Mercury News – Port Gives Green Light to Good Jobs Agreement: Read

11/2/17 – East Bay Express – OPED by Jahmese Myres and Nikki Fortunato Bas – Amazon Should Deliver Good Jobs in Addition to Packages: Read

9/29/17 – East Bay Times – Concord Affirms Immigrant Safety, Condemns Anti-Muslim/LGBTQ Hate Speech: Read

9/21/17 – East Bay Express – Port of Oakland Board Expected to Approve Ban the Box, Living Wage Agreements: Read

9/20/17 – East Bay Times – Revive Oakland agreement to ensure thousands of new livable wage jobs at the Port: Read

6/26/17 – SJ Mercury News – OPED by FAME leader Bob Lane and EBASE ally Rev. Deborah Lee – Bay Area House Reps Must Better Represent Immigrants: Read

5/2/17 – East Bay Times – “Roof & Refuge” Activists March for Rent Control & Sanctuary City in Concord: Read

4/23/17 – SJ Mercury News – Study Shows that $105K is Low-Income in Bay Area: Read

4/18/17 – NBC – Oakland City Council Passes Sanctuary Workplace Resolution: Watch

2/15/17 – East Bay Times – Advocates Celebrate Puzzler’s Withdrawal: Read

2/2/17 – SF Chronicle – Rider Boycott Forces UBER CEO to Resign from Trump Advisory Council: Read

1/11/17 – East Bay Times – Op-ed by EBASE Executive Director Kate O’Hara & Josie Camacho – Trump’s Labor Secretary is Bad for Workers: Read

1/9/17 – YES! Magazine – Revive Oakland Creating Good Jobs at Former Army Base: Read

12/7/16 – NPR Marketplace – Will Tech Bring Good Jobs for All?: Read/Listen

11/21/16 – East Bay Times – Concord Full City Council to Take Up Rent Control: Read

11/10/16 – Oakland Post – Op-ed by Revive Oakland member Willie Saabir Lockett – Oakland Port Must Create Opportunities for the Formerly Incarcerated: Read

11/1/16 – East Bay Times – EBASE Spreads Democracy in the Streets: Read

11/1/16 – East Bay Express – Revive Oakland Pushes to End Employment Discrimination Against the Formerly Incarcerated at the Port of Oakland: Read

10/25/16 – SF Chronicle – Concord Considers Rent Hike Caps: Read

10/24/16 – East Bay Times – Concord Considers Rent Moratorium: Read

10/23/16 – East Bay Times – After Minimum Wage Changes, Advocates Push for Fair Scheduling: Read

10/19/16 – SF Chronicle – Emeryville Passes Fair Workweek Law: Read

10/7/16 – East Bay Times – Op-ed by EBASE Deputy Director Jennifer Lin – Fair Workweek Policy Could Change Working World: Read

10/4/16 – East Bay Times – Concord Needs Rent Control: Read

10/4/16 – East Bay Times – Blue Apron Practices Example of How Temping is Bad for Workers: Read

8/26/16 – East Bay Times – Groundbreaking Local Hire Agreement on Oakland’s Bus Rapid Transit: Read

8/25/16 – East Bay Times – Op-ed – Living Wage Jobs at the Port: Read

8/2/16 – East Bay Express – Revive Oakland Pushes for People’s Port: Read

8/1/16 – Next City – Smart Phone App to Help Low-Wage Workers: Read

7/29/16 – San Jose Mercury News – Standing Up for Living Wage Jobs at the Port of Oakland: Read

7/14/16 – East Bay Times – San Leandro Passes $15 Minimum Wage: Read

6/24/16 – East Bay Times – Nonprofit Displacement in Oakland: Read

5/20/16 – San Francisco Chronicle – Op-ed: A Regional Scheduling Law is Needed: Read

4/26/16 – The Nation – Making Economic Development Equitable by Making It More Democratic: Read

4/20/16 – Huffington Post – Op-ed by EBASE Executive Director Kate O’Hara & former ED Nikki Fortunate Bas – How the $15 minimum wage bubbled up from the grassroots to a gain place in history: Read

3/30/16 – East Bay Express – Workers push for Emeryville Fair Work Week Policy with full-time predictable hours: Read

3/10/16 – Oakland Voices (BANG) – East Oakland Town Hall meeting sparks vision for the Coliseum development project: Read

2/19/16 – Next City – EBASE’s Army Base Project is model for equitable development: Read

2/3/16 – Oakland Tribune (BANG) – Op-ed by Oakland United member Miss Sherry on good jobs/affordable housing on stadium development deal: Read

1/27/16 – Oakland Tribune (BANG) – Op-ed by EBASE Deputy Director Jennifer Lin on How the Walmart Closures are an Opportunity for Our Communities: Read

1/7/16 – The Nation – How workers’ lives have changed in the Bay Area because of raises in the minimum wage: Read

10/28/15 – East Bay Express – Jennifer Lin OPED on Displacement, Uber, and the Pitfalls of the Sharing Economy: Read

8/20/15 – Richmond Post – Supervisors Vote Down Jail Expansion After FAME Opposition: Read

8/17/15 – LA Times – Minimum Wage Arms Race in Bay Area: Read

8/13/15 – Oakland Tribune – Oakland United Seeks Community Benefits in Stadium Deal: Read

7/6/15 – East Bay Express – Oakland United criticizes Coliseum City plan: Read

6/1/15 – KALW Cityvisions – Jennifer Lin guest on Fight for $15: Listen

5/12/15 – BANG – Op-ed by PWF Executive Director Nikki Fortunate Bas on Bay Area Innovation and the Minimum Wage: Read

5/7/15 – San Francisco Business Times – Emeryville Votes for Highest Minimum wage in the Country: Read

5/6/15 – Huffington Post – CA City Has Highest Minimum Wage: Read

4/22/15 – KQED Forum – Kate O’Hara guest panelist on Oakland development and displacement: Listen (clip at 23:30)

3/28/15 – Bay Area News Group on Oakland Adjusting to New Minimum Wage: Read

3/20/15 – ABC News – Community Benefits included in Oakland Coliseum City negotiations: Read

3/19/15 – East Bay Express – Economists on Left and Right agree on minimum wage impacts: Read

3/18/15 – East Bay Express – Community voices impact Coliseum City plan: Read

3/2/15 – KQED – Oakland’s new minimum wage going into effect: Read

2/13/15 – San Francisco Chronicle – Community’s victory to get Walgreens to pay living wage: Read

2/10/15 – CBS – City Council Vote to Exempt Walgreens from paying living wage: Watch

10/14/14 – Huffington Post on Bay Area leading the minimum wage fight nationally: Read

9/11/14 – Bay Area News Group – Passage of CA state law mandating paid sick days: Read

9/4/14 – Oakland Tribune article on Fast Food Strikes: Read

6/13/14 – San Francisco Business Times – UC Berkeley Study to raise Oakland’s minimum wage: Read

6/10/14 – Oakland Local – Lift Up Oakland signatures for minimum wage ballot initiative: Read

6/4/14 – KRON 4 – National Walmart actions against poverty wages: Watch

5/24/14 – San Francisco Chronicle – Workers increase efforts for higher minimum wage: Read

3/12/14 – San Jose Mercury News – One-year success of raising San Jose’s minimum wage: Read

2/17/14 – East Bay Express – Launch of Lift Up Oakland campaign to raise minimum wage: Read

2/15/14 – NBC – Launch of Lift Up Oakland campaign to raise minimum wage: Watch

2/13/14 – East Bay Times – An end to unfair ICE holds of immigrants in Alameda County: Read

10/5/13 – Huffington Post – On California’s passage of the TRUST Act: Read

5/8/13 – Mercury News – Revive Oakland and Army Base Redevelopment success: Read