Job Opportunities

Maria Elena, who has a job at EBASE, rallies for minimum wage

EBASE is always looking for smart, talented people to join our movement for economic, racial, and social justice. We highly encourage you to get involved in our work with the Resistance and the fight for Roof, Refuge, and Rights for low-income workers and communities of color!


We’re Hiring!!!

Contra Costa Organizer

The Organizer will be responsible for the direct base building and grassroots organizing components of EBASE’s campaigns. The Organizer will work with low-wage workers, residents, voters, people of faith, and other constituencies in EBASE’s comprehensive campaigns. The Concord/Contra Costa Organizer will focus primarily on campaigns to win and protect rent stabilization, good jobs, immigrant rights, and racial justice. The organizer will work closely with Campaign Directors to develop and implement campaign and organizing strategies including civic engagement, coalition, and faith-rooted organizing. The person in this position may also develop and maintain relationships with coalition partners including labor unions, congregations, worker centers, community groups, and others. Download Job Description >>



Volunteers get priority when we do have job openings. To get involved, visit our volunteer page or contact