Oakland United & the Coliseum-Airport Corridor

Oakland United is a coalition of residents, workers, faith leaders, youth, and unions committed to making sure new development transforms East Oakland for the better. Public land must serve public good in the Coliseum Redevelopment Project and the valuable Oakland Airport Corridor.

Raise the Roof in Concord

Raise the Roof coalition supporters gather for Concord Roof and Refuge March

One of many coalitions of community, labor, and faith organizations that EBASE convenes, Raise the Roof works to ensure that everyone in Contra Costa County can live, pray, and play free from the threat of displacement — whether that be because of skyrocketing rents, or ICE deportations.

Immigration Wins in Contra Costa County

Policies that were easy to move in Oakland have proven far more difficult in Concord, which lies in a corridor of bedroom suburbs. This side of the Caldecott Tunnel tends to be more conservative and less diverse — or so I thought.

Revive Oakland & the Army Base Redevelopment Project

EBASE convenes Revive Oakland, a coalition of 30 organizations which is working to win groundbreaking community benefit agreements that establish a regional standard for protecting workers and local communities in big development deals.

Raising the Minimum Wage to Lift Up Our Communities

We all have the right to be paid a living wage, enough to afford housing and to raise our families with dignity. EBASE is proud to be part of a massive grassroots movement that is raising the floor on low-wage work, winning higher minimum wages throughout the East Bay and California. In 2014, we worked with our Lift […]

Rights: Everyone Deserves a Good Job

EBASE is changing the expectation of work by creating an economy where everyone’s contributions are valued. Our campaigns for living wages, fair scheduling, and paid sick days are raising the floor on low-wage work. And we’re expanding access to good jobs by creating training opportunities and fighting discrimination.

Roof: Equitable Development Keeps Us in Our Homes

As development booms and housing costs skyrocket, EBASE is ensuring that large projects meet the needs of low-income workers and communities of color. Public land must serve public good, so we organize for development that preserves diversity, prevents displacement, and creates opportunity for local workers.

Refuge: Creating Sanctuary for Immigrant Communities

With federal policies dividing families and communities, it’s time to stand up to fear like never before. EBASE is fighting for policies that keep immigrants safe by expanding sanctuary policies in our neighborhoods and workplaces. Immigrant rights are essential to all of our campaigns for economic justice.

Fair Scheduling Policies in Emeryville and Beyond

Along with higher minimum wages, workers need jobs with fair schedules: reliable, predictable hours so people can budget and plan for childcare, second jobs, education, and rest. Moriah Larkins, a retail worker and member of our partner organization Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE), said it best: “When I didn’t have a regular schedule, my supervisor would […]