Lift Up Oakland

6.5 Million People Get a Raise as Wage Hikes Spread

kate and nikki oped on $15

6.5 million California working people and our communities took a giant leap forward in our quest for a true living wage! In Spring 2016, Governor Brown signed a bill to raise the minimum wage to $15 by 2022.

Three years ago when Fast Food workers started talking about $15, it seemed impossible. Today, our movement has become unstoppable.

This follows intense grassroots efforts from brave Fast Food strikes to a landslide ballot initiative in Oakland to the passage of the highest minimum wage in the country in Emeryville.

EBASE and our supporters and allies have been there every step of the way.

In 2014, EBASE was a founding member of the Lift Up Oakland Coalition which drove a landslide 82% voter initiative to raise the minimum wage for 48,000 Oakland people to what is now $12.55. 56,700 workers also received 5-9 paid sick days. This was after we collected the 33,682 voter signatures to get the measure on the ballot and ran the Get Out the Vote efforts.

Oakland was a springboard to places like Emeryville where EBASE played a leadership role in passing the highest minimum wage in the country ($16.)

We are continuing to work on not only raising wages, but enforcing minimum wage laws, and moving policies that provide reliable full-time hours. Join us as we address growing income inequality and preserve the Bay Area’s economic and racial diversity.

EBASE Executive Director Kate O’Hara and Former EBASE Executive Director Nikki Fortunato Bas place $15 in historical context and talk about how it has been the result of “bubble up economics.” Read the Huffington Post Blog