Our Work

EBASE - a joyful march for economic justice

EBASE convenes community, labor, and people of faith to fight for economic justice in the East Bay. We collaborate on campaigns that are raising the floor for low-wage workers and opening the door to quality jobs for marginalized communities such as people of color, immigrants, youth, and those with criminal records. We are winning significant victories which raise standards for our community today and create a groundswell of support for victories tomorrow.


Lift Up Oakland
Raising the Minimum Wage with Paid Sick Days

EBASE is one of seven founding steering committee members of the Lift Up Oakland coalition which is working to raise the minimum wage in Oakland to $12.25 with 5-9 paid sick days and wage theft protections. The Coalition collected 33,682 signatures to put this initiative on the November 2014 ballot. If passed, the measure will raise wages for 48,000 people; provide sick days for 56,700; and infuse $120 million into the local economy. Learn more about Lift Up Oakland.


Revive Oakland
Ensuring Large-Scale Projects Create Quality Jobs

EBASE convenes Revive Oakland, a community-labor-faith coalition of 30 organizations, ensuring that taxpayer-funded and other large-scale development projects create quality jobs for our community. In 2012, we won the landmark Oakland Army Base Redevelopment Good Jobs Policy, which included living wages for thousands of workers. Since then, Revive Oakland has won a similar agreement with AC Transit and is looking ahead to the Port’s portion of the Army Base as well as the City’s Coliseum City project which could include thousands of housing and retail units. Learn more about Revive Oakland.


Faith & Immigration Work

The Faith Alliance for a Moral Economy (FAME) is EBASE’s faith-rooted organizing program. FAME faith leaders represent congregations ranging in size from 30 to 5,000 congregants. We advocate for immigrant workers and their families; provide pastoral support to workers who face extreme hardship as they defend their rights; and move the faith community to take action on economic justice issues. Together with its allies in the immigrant rights community, FAME has contributed to significant victories, including the passage of the CA TRUST Act and an end in Alameda County to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) holds. Learn more about FAME.


Civic Engagement
Empowering Low-Income People of Color to Vote

EBASE is a key partner organization in Oakland Rising which educates and mobilizes low-income people of color to vote and speak up for issues impacting their lives. We engage in direct outreach by phone, door-knocking and street canvassing, engaging East and West Oakland voters to advance smart, community-first solutions for the City. Learn more about Oakland Rising.


Solidarity Work
Low-wage Workers, Residents, and Immigrants

EBASE recognizes we exist in a complex ecosystem of organizations and know that supporting each others’ work is essential to the overall success of the economic justice movement. To that end, EBASE works in solidarity with many organizations on issues impacting low-wage workers and immigrants, bringing together labor, community, and people of faith. Key allies include such organizations as Our Walmart, the Fast Food Fight for $15, Unite HERE 2850, ACCE, CJJC, CLUE-CA, and ACUDIR. Together, we use coordinated strategies to maximize community organizing, leadership development, and media presence. We use our collective power to influence decision makers and elected leaders; develop a grassroots movement of low-income workers and community members; and shift the debate in the East Bay about creating an inclusive economy of ALL people, especially in the context of skyrocketing Bay Area cost of living.