Our Work

EBASE - a joyful march for economic justice

EBASE organizes locally to have national impact.

EBASE convenes coalitions of community, labor, and people of faith to fight for economic and racial justice. Together, we collaborate on the Resistance and campaigns that advance Roof, Refuge, and Rights for low-income workers, people of color, immigrants, and people with criminal records. We set the pace for the East Bay and percolate upward to the state of California and the nation.


Oakland United
Ensuring Public Land is Used for Public Good

EBASE convenes Oakland United, an East Oakland coalition of residents, workers, faith leaders, youth, community organizations and unions. Collectively, the group represent tens of thousands of people who believe that if done right, the Coliseum Redevelopment Project has the potential to transform East Oakland by creating good jobs, affordable housing, a healthy environment, and accessible transit. We are expanding our focus to include the entire Oakland Airport corridor where hotels and other businesses are making their home. The Coliseum/Airport area rests on  valuable pieces of publicly owned land, and the development will use public funds. We are working to ensure it serves the public good.


Revive Oakland
Ensuring Development Projects Create Quality Jobs

EBASE convenes Revive Oakland, a coalition of 30 organizations that ensures that taxpayer-funded and other large-scale development projects create quality jobs for our community. In 2012, we won the landmark Oakland Army Base Redevelopment Good Jobs Policy, which included living wages for thousands of workers. Since then, Revive Oakland has won a similar agreement with AC Transit and is negotiating with the Port on its portion of the Army Base. Key part of that agreement are living wages, local hire, disadvantaged hire, and Ban the Box Learn more about Revive Oakland.


Lift Up Oakland & Emeryville
Raising Wages, Sick Days, and Fair Scheduling

EBASE was one of seven founding steering committee members of the Lift Up Oakland coalition which raised Oakland’s minimum wage in 2014 to $12.25 with 5-9 paid sick days and wage theft protections. In 2015, we led the charge to raise Emeryville’s minimum wage to the highest in the nation with phase ins to $16 per hour. In 2016, we continued our work in Emeryville to pass the strongest scheduling policy in the country. It allows workers to budget and plan for childcare, college classes, family time, and rest. Today, our work continues in enforcing these policies. EBASE doesn’t just pass a policy and walk away, we stand by workers to ensure they are benefiting from the law.


Raise the Roof 
Providing Roof & Refuge for Concord Residents & Workers

Based in Contra Costa County, EBASE convenes Raise the Roof. It is a coalition of community, worker, and faith groups working to ensure that everyone has a home and sense of safety and belonging. We believe that everyone deserves place to raise our families with dignity. To work and contribute to our community. To live, pray, and play free from the threats of displacement whether that be a result of skyrocketing rents or ICE deportations. Raise the Roof is currently working in Concord on two interwoven fronts: Roof & Refuge to create immigrant and housing protections. We are working to make Concord a Sanctuary City and pass rent control.


Faith & Immigration Work

Supporting all of our work is the Faith Alliance for a Moral Economy (FAME) – EBASE’s faith-rooted organizing program. FAME faith leaders represent congregations ranging in size from 30 to 5,000 congregants. We advocate for immigrant workers and their families. Provide pastoral support to workers who face extreme hardship as they defend their rights. Lend a moral lens to the Resistance. And move the faith community to take action on economic justice issues. Together with its allies in the immigrant rights community, FAME has contributed to significant victories, including the passage of the CA TRUST Act and an end in Alameda County to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) holds. Learn more about FAME.


Bay Resistance & Solidarity Work
Building a Larger Movement for Positive Change

Since the 2016 election, EBASE’s has been a steering committee member of Bay Resistance to not only fight the Trump Administration’s policies, but to create positive change for the long term. EBASE also works in solidarity with many organizations on issues impacting low-wage workers and immigrants. Key allies include such organizations as the Fast Food Fight for $15, Unite HERE 2850, ACUDIR. Together, we coordinate community organizing, leadership development, and media presence. Our collective power to influences decision makers and elected leaders; develops a grassroots movement of low-income workers and community members; and shifts the debate in the East Bay about creating an inclusive economy of ALL people.


Civic Engagement
Empowering Low-Income People of Color to Vote

EBASE is a key partner organization in Oakland Rising which educates and mobilizes low-income people of color to vote and speak up for issues impacting their lives. We engage in direct outreach by phone, door-knocking and street canvassing, engaging East and West Oakland voters to advance smart, community-first solutions for the City. Learn more about Oakland Rising.