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Coliseum City and Oakland Gentrification

July 28, 2015

The heart and soul of Oakland is at stake, and the Coliseum City development will dramatically change our city. Hundreds of acres of public land in East Oakland are being developed with millions of dollars of public funds. You may have heard about new stadiums, but the development will also contain tech offices, luxury condos, hotels, and retail space. Will it be a corporate development that pushes long-term residents and workers out? Or will we create an authentic Oakland neighborhood that preserves our cultural fabric and our diversity, and allows the existing community to stay? We...Read More

Come celebrate with EBASE on September 24th

July 28, 2015

Join us for EBASE’s Fired Up in ’15 fundraiser on September 24th! Let’s celebrate the spark within all of us to transform our economy, our workplaces, and our communities. Join us as we recognize the miles we’ve all marched in...Read More

Providing Sanctuary for Immigrants

July 16, 2015

Brace yourself, the following will be the cold truth. Nine black churchgoers are dead in Charleston at the hand of a white supremacist. Do we vilify all white people? Far too many people of color have been wrongly gunned down...Read More

Caravan to End Mass Detention & Incarceration

June 5, 2015

Recently, a ground-breaking Caravan to Free the People embarked in the early morning dampness from the Oakland jail and headed to the Mesa Verde Detention Center in the parched city of Bakersfield where immigrants are also being warehoused. The caravan...Read More
Coliseum City: Public Land for the Public Good

Coliseum City: Public Land for the Public Good

March 10, 2015

You may have heard that the City of Oakland is working on a massive development project on public land that will transform East Oakland: Coliseum City. It will include new stadiums, hotels, retail and tech office space, and thousands of...Read More

The Shmittah Year and Raising the Minimum Wage

March 9, 2015

Rabbi David Cooper, A FAME Steering Committee member, reflects on the importance of raising the minimum wage in context of a biblical mandate: Every seven years in ancient Israel, the country was supposed to go on a nation-wide sabbatical. This...Read More

Immigration Reform Now!

February 24, 2015

For those of us belonging to marginalized groups, the world can often feel like an unwelcoming place. However, I think back to my first week as EBASE’s Community Engagement Coordinator, when the EBASE staff huddled around a computer to watch...Read More