Revive Oakland

Ensuring Good Jobs on Large Development Projects

The Revive Oakland family fights for good jobs for all

When public dollars and land are at play, Revive Oakland is there to ensure that the Oakland and East Bay residents benefit. It is not enough to merely create jobs, we must create quality, family-sustaining careers to revive our regional economy.

EBASE convenes Revive Oakland, a community-labor-faith coalition of 30 organizations, and is winning groundbreaking community benefit agreements that are establishing a citywide and regional standard for economic development.

In 2012, we won the landmark Oakland Army Base Redevelopment Good Jobs Policy, which includes living wages for every worker, local hire and disadvantage worker requirements, and access to employment for the formerly incarcerated and those with other barriers to employment. The agreement includes the nation’s first standard in the warehousing industry limiting the use of temp agencies, and created the West Oakland Job Resource Center, which has become a national model for creating a pipeline into construction careers.

Since then, Revive Oakland has won a similar jobs agreement with AC Transit on its Bus Rapid Transit project on International Boulevard and has expanded the use of the Job Resource Center to support numerous construction projects throughout Oakland.

We are now working to replicate the Good Jobs Policy for the Port of Oakland’s redevelopment of the Oakland Army Base, a project that could generate an additional 1,500 construction jobs and 1,500 operations jobs over the next ten years.

The major opportunity for EBASE and Revive Oakland on the horizon lies in the Coliseum City project. This massive development project could include up to three sports venues, 4,000 housing units, 415,000 square feet of retail space, and three hotels, mostly on publicly owned land.

With development booming in Oakland, EBASE will build off of Revive Oakland’s success to further prove our model of community-driven economic development that brings real job opportunities and meaningful benefits to low-income communities of color.

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