Lift Up Oakland

81.7% Voted to Raise Oakland’s Minimum Wage to $12.25!

EBASE staff and volunteers organizing to raise the minimum wage

$9 an hour wage is not enough to survive in the Bay Area. 81.7% of Oakland voters agree and voted to raise the minimum wage to $12.25 with 5-9 paid sick days! The measure will go into effect on March 2, 2015, and workers will receive annual raises indexed to inflation.

EBASE, along with our Lift Up Oakland coalition partners, dozens of endorsing organizations, and hundreds of volunteers, collected 33,682 voter signatures to put Measure FF on the ballot. We thank everyone who voted, pounded the pavement talking to voters, and even discussed the measure at the dinner table to create the tidal wave of public support needed to lift up working people through a higher minimum wage.

Measure FF is FAIR for everyone in our city!

EBASE worked feverishly with volunteers and our partners in the Lift Up Oakland coalition to mobilize voters to the polls to VOTE YES.

FAIR FOR FAMILIES: According to UC economists, Measure FF will raise wages for 48,000 people or 25% of the Oakland workforce. Under Measure FF, workers will earn $25,000/year for full-time work, and allow them to make ends meet and put food on the table. It’s going to provide sick days to 56,700 Oakland workers so they don’t have to choose between a paycheck and taking care of a sick child.

FAIR FOR BUSINESSES: Measure FF is good for business because when workers can provide for their families, they feel valued. This improves morale, people will stay longer in their jobs, and so it lowers costly staff turnover. According to UC economists, it will only raise operating costs by .3% for retail and 2.8% for restaurants. Even if that’s passed onto consumers, it would only raise prices by 25 cents for a $10 meal.

FAIR FOR OUR COMMUNITY: According to UC economists, Measure FF will allow workers to earn an additional $120 million. Low income workers can’t afford to save money – they spend it – and they will spend in our local shops and restaurants, making our economy grow.


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Paid for by the East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy Committee for Yes on Measure FF.