Strategic Plan

EBASE - Strategic Plan - Good Jobs & Clean Air Rally

EBASE is pleased to share our 5-year Strategic Direction: Good Jobs & Healthy Communities in the East Bay: Innovating Regionally for National Change.

As low-wage work and communities of color grow in the East Bay suburbs, EBASE is deepening our regional approach to raise wages and stem housing displacement, while strengthening the organizing and political capacity in suburban areas. We will focus on economic sectors that have regional and statewide significance and where EBASE’s coalition-based campaign model can have deep impacts.

Within our vision, we have articulated a “whole-worker” approach to holistically address the broad set of challenges low-income people face. EBASE will continue developing transformative campaigns that connect good jobs to affordable housing and positive health outcomes; that link worker organizing with immigrant rights; and that win equitable development and a clean environment together.

We invite you to not only read but to dream of what’s possible. Working together towards our shared vision of a just economy nourishes all of us. Thank you for being a part of our community, and we look forward to many more wins together over the next five years.

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